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Garden Fencing for Privacy and Decoration

Bamboo Fence Roll Wholesale

Bamboo fencing makes for an excellent border for gardens and flowerbeds and can also act as a privacy fence to enhance your home and garden landscape. Bamboo weathers well, is immune to termites, environmentally-friendly and even stronger than steel. It’s one of the best materials to use if you’re looking for a secure fencing option to use around your home or garden space.

You can find some great discounts on bamboo fence rolls if you shop online and even get your items shipped and delivered quickly to your door.

Bamboo fence rolls come in many different lengths and sizes, the most popular dimensions being: 1" X 3' X 8' - 1" X 4' X 8' - 1" X 6' X 8' and 1" X 8' X 8'. There are several bamboo fence roll wholesale websites that can make your bamboo fencing shopping simple and quick.

Bamboo fence rolls are aesthetically pleasing and easy to install! You can embody simplicity, strength and beauty by beholding this eco-friendly and eye pleasing functional resource.

If you do some research online, you will be able to find some great deals on bamboo fencing as you can find some great wholesale prices and even find free delivery on certain bamboo fence roll items.

Garden Fencing and More

Bamboo fencing works well when it surrounds or borders a garden or yard. It can give a Zen like appearance to any yard and make your garden space look elegant and contemporary. You can choose to buy some short garden fence rolls to outline your vegetable garden or some longer bamboo fencing as a backdrop to your flower garden, fountains, ponds and more.

Why not screen off unsightly areas such as your air conditioner, propane tank or garbage disposal space? The options for its uses are endless.

It's natural like appearance will help you feel like you are one with nature in your own backyard. You can arrange your bamboo garden fencing in several ways. You can choose to create different patterns, shapes and colors with the many different varieties of bamboo garden fencing.

Better for the Environment

Bamboo is a great resource to choose because it is eco-friendly. It is a renewable resource, has a rapid growth rate (3-5 feet each day) and doesn’t contribute a lot of waste during the harvesting process. If those are not enough reasons, it’s also extremely versatile and doesn’t require a lot of chemicals to thrive. These benefits greatly outweigh those of wood products.

Because it is so lightweight, it makes shipping, harvesting and the process of transportation costs a lot cheaper than wood products.

Bamboo can be used for so many things like fencing, building materials, poles, decor and more. You would be wise to choose bamboo over wood because of these environmental benefits. Bamboo in all its properties might even replace wood one day and become one of the most desired and important resources on the planet.

The Advantages of Using Bamboo Fencing

If you are searching for a stylish and strong alternative to traditional wood fence options, then choosing bamboo fencing is clearly up your alley.

There are many different advantages of using bamboo fencing. There are limitless color options, variety of styles and durability preferences to choose from.

Bamboo fencing is eco-friendly, durable and easy to install. It can be used for privacy fencing, screens, pool surrounds, or any other type of decoration for your home. They are long lasting, easy to install and require very low maintenance.

If you’re looking for bamboo fencing to surround your home or garden, you can choose from black, natural, carbonized, mahogany and tigerboo fabrications:

Natural Bamboo Fencing - Natural bamboo fencing can be used to add a unique twist to your backyard landscaping. These rolls come in a light tan and natural color in many different sizes. You can tie these fence panels together or place them inside frames for easy installation. Natural bamboo fencing is great for covering up old fencing or hedges and keeping a natural Zen look to your landscape and garden area.

Carbonized Bamboo Fencing - Carbonized bamboo fencing will allow you transform your space into a backyard oasis. Their carbonized color provides a more modern and contemporary look to your home and garden space. Because of their rich tones and caramel color, carbonized bamboo fence rolls are a popular choice amongst modern homeowners. They are subtly darker than natural bamboo. They come in a variety of dimensions and are easy for any DIY installer.

Mahogany Bamboo Fencing - For a more unique look, you can choose mahogany bamboo fencing. These dark vibrant mahogany color panels are easy to install and come in a variety of sizes. Unlike natural bamboo fencing, Mahogany bamboo fencing is dyed and will look great indoors or outdoors in the natural sunlight.

Black Bamboo Fencing - Looking for a modern twist on regular bamboo fencing? Black bamboo fencing is also an option. Its pure dark color contrasts beautifully against vegetation and flowers. Black bamboo fencing can also be used to cover up a dull chain link fence. This style of fencing is weatherproof, easy to install and comes in a variety of sizes. You can even mix some black bamboo fence panels with some natural bamboo fencing for an artsy look.

Tigerboo Bamboo Fencing - Also known as natural burnt bamboo or tiger stripe bamboo, tigerboo bamboo fencing offers a natural look with tiger like dark striped patterns and spots. This look is perfect for an indoor or outdoor tiki bar or can be used as fencing to surround the home or garden. You can also use Tiger Boo bamboo fencing inside the home as a space divider or even decor. Tiger Boo fence panels are extremely durable and versatile and come in different sizes.

That bamboo poles in the fence are not always straight. They come from a very moist climate and will crack in hot climates. Bamboo can have color variations. To help protect the bamboo from fading or discoloring using a polyurethane varnish with multiple coats will work wonders. Bamboo is know to split and crack, please consider before buying.