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 Artificial Synthetic Thatch from Sunset Bamboo

Artificial Synthetic Thatch

At about 80% waterproof, Sunset Bamboo’s Artificial Synthetic Thatch is an excellent choice for those who need panels for a backyard space – either tiki bar awning, patio cover, or any outdoor space that calls out for a the look and feel of tropical resorts.

Artificial Synthetic Thatch

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Artificial Thatch Panels

Artificial thatch products are a great cost effective alternative to natural thatch. It still has the tropical paradise appearance you can find in all of our other thatches. Because artificial thatch is not made from real leaves, it is susceptible to decay, pests, mold, shed, and harsh weather. This patch requires virtually no maintenance or tedious upkeep to stay fresh and beautiful for a number of years, almost two decades. Traditional thatch may need to be replaced twice during that timeframe.

Our artificial thatches are safe and eco-friendly products. These thatches are chemically neutral products and do not create any harmful fumes or damage to the environment unlike traditional plastic PVC thatches, which can be toxic and not be easily disposed of or be 100% recycled.

Another great thing about our artificial thatches is that the panels are easy to install and they only require a handful of tools (nails, screws, staples and scissors) to place them securely wherever you would like.

You can install artificial thatch as an alternative to natural thatch in your home living room, residential areas, offices and much more. You can enhance your outdoor bar or privacy panels by using this artificial thatching instead of traditional materials. These are truly environmentally friendly, and have proven to be cost effective and long lasting as well; an unbeatable combination!

Another great thing to not is that our artificial thatching does not posses any risk to human health and is also safe for sensitive water tables, landscaping and marine environments. Another advantage to artificial thatch is that its counterpart in their natural state tends to attract birds and other wildlife to build their nests and habitats, whereas artificial thatch does not (this can make your cleanup and maintenance lot easier!).

Artificial thatch tiles can complement your existing designs at a cost that fits within your budget. Even more, we offer free shipping on all of our products.