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Beautiful Bamboo Matting

Bamboo Matting

In essence, bamboo matting is a process in which a bamboo stock is striped, steamed and then woven back together to create a strong and durable mat which can then be used for any number of purposes, including flooring, wall coverings, ceilings and more. Stepping away from this text book sort of definition however, bamboo matting is actually a very useful and beautiful way to create texture and beauty within any home or office space, without having to exert much energy in installation or without putting a giant dent into one’s pocket book. Serving to act as covering for a variety of surfaces, bamboo matting not only protects what it covers, but also offers a unique take on traditional styles of home and office decor, adding warmth, comfort and well-being wherever it is used.

Furthermore, bamboo matting happens to be a very affordable option for those looking to incorporate eco-friendly, modern and unique decor elements into their various work and living spaces. Companies and private homeowners around the world are rallying to this growing desire and trend. What’s more, we offer reliable, fast and free shipping. As bamboo matting continues to emerge as one of the latest trends in home and office decor and furnishing today, Sunset Bamboo will continue to provide the best in quality and service.

We offer a variety of various designs, colors, textures, sizes and more. Customers who wish to purchase and use bamboo matting now have more options than ever to choose from, allowing you the ability to select and purchase the type of mat that will truly fit best within their home or establishment.

Bamboo matting is without a doubt something that most looking for that tropical feel either have in their homes or likely will in the future. Being one of the most sustainable types of materials on the market today, this product is only going to grow in popularity, increase in various color and design options and expand in its uses and applications.

Applications and Uses

Bamboo mats have many uses: not only can they be used to cover walls and ceilings, but are arguably most commonly used to protect one’s flooring, either in the home or in the office, from various damaging occurrences. Coming in any number of shapes and sizes, bamboo mats are easily placed in any space to protect hard wood (or carpeted) floors from scuff marks, scratches, and stains, while never taking away from a rooms design element or feel. In fact, often times, bamboo mats can be added to a space to help bring about a much more modern and organic, yet warm atmosphere. In addition to all of this, bamboo mats can also be used in any room, both indoor or outdoor. Bamboo mats make classic, simple, stylish and affordable additions to any space instantly. Bamboo Matting is Eco-Friendly Apart from being tremendously useful, as well as aesthetically appealing, bamboo matting is also extremely eco-friendly. In fact, Bamboo mats are actually manufactured using one of the world’s most sustainable resources (i.e. bamboo). By cutting the stock of bamboo off just above its base, harvesters ensure that the plant will be able to regrow itself. Unlike trees however, bamboo can grow over 15 feet in just a single season, making it a renewable and environmentally friendly resource, which great for those concerned about the environment and the effects consumerism is having on it.

With all of this in mind, consumers of bamboo matting can rest easy, knowing that the purchase they have made is not only great for their home or establishment, but is also environmentally friendly.

Style Options

Bamboo matting — though having been around for hundreds of years — has become increasingly popular over the last decade with consumers, as a product for both home and commercial use. For a person who is looking to add a bit of an island feel to their office or home, or even just add a unique element of design or focus within their living space, these mats are a perfect choice. For companies like resorts or theme parks, these products offer the durability and longevity you need. Bamboo matting has become more than just a product to be used, it has become a product to be proudly displayed — bringing a tranquil and modern feel to most any space.

Bamboo Matting Option - Bamboo matting offers the most unique option in regards to aesthetics there is. While paneling and thatching bamboo options certainly add more to any area, it all begins with the simple touch bamboo matting provides. Add unique and special hand-woven designs into your home (whether used on the wall, floor or ceiling), that other options just can’t compete with.

Bamboo Matting 2 Pack Specials - Bamboo mats being as popular as they are, it is little wonder than many consumers wish to obtain more than one mat in a single go. We offer 2 pack specials to meet your needs, and save you time and money.

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