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Carbonized Bamboo Poles

Carbonized bamboo poles are carefully smoked to create rich tones that are characterized by warm amber colors and dark shadow accents around the nodes. Carbonized bamboo poles blend seamlessly with urban and contemporary style of decor. Please note all sizes are approximate.

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Carbonized Bamboo Poles

Carbonized bamboo poles can offer your home rich amber tones mixed with colors ranging from yellow, orange, brown, and red. They also feature attractive dark shadow accents around the nodes. Carbonized bamboo has a wider variety of colors and styles over traditional bamboos. The poles undergo a boiling process that give it the coffee like appearance many homeowners desire and opens it up to be easier to stain.

You can use carbonized bamboo poles all over your home and for a variety of projects. They are commonly used inside of the home as pieces of wainscoting or window trim. Using bamboo poles as part of your indoor design helps to add in a beautiful and natural element to your home décor.

Many carbonized bamboo pole lovers use these pieces to make their indoor or outdoor Tiki bars. All you need for this project is a few pieces of plywood and some carbonized bamboo poles or sheets. You can then design the bar with your plywood sheets and finish the frame and facing with bamboo poles and of course, the classic thatching for the roof.

To keep your bamboo from cracking (especially when using bamboo poles for outdoor projects), you can use a water seal product to help preserve the natural elements of bamboo and stay strong for years to come.

If you’re looking to add in a tropical element into your home or garden, these carbonized poles can be used in a variety of projects and incorporated into many different structures and projects with ease. With the proper amount of care, carbonized bamboo will last for years.

Carbonized bamboo poles are available in the following sizes: 3ft., 4ft., 5ft., and 8ft.

Our carbonized bamboo poles allow you to enjoy commercial grade quality right in your own home. With our large stock and free shipping, there’s never a better time than now to start your projects that implement bamboo poles.

*Please note: Colors may vary and sizes are appoximate.
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