Abaca cloths intricate weave and pale neutral color represent an earthy yet sophisticated and sustainable wall covering. This material is woven with strands of abaca which is from the outer sheath of the trunk of a banana species indigenous to the Philippines.

Abaca is a rapidly renewable plant that can be harvested several times a year and is grown without synthetic fertilizer or pesticides.

Abaca Cloth

Abaca Cloth

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Abaca Cloth Matting

Abaca cloth matting is built with durability in mind to ensure it's still effective as years go by. It is a burlap style fabric that is sold by the roll for rugs, DIY projects, wall coverings, and more. Abaca cloth is sturdy enough to use as its own rug product yet lightweight enough to be implemented into other pieces and designs.

Abaca cloth matting is a multifunctional traditional form of matting that gives a tropical theme to every home design décor art piece or project. It has the capability of lasting for years and can be used in traditional handicraft, home décor, wall coverings, rugs and much more. It is an extremely versatile product and can be used for indoor or outdoor applications surrounding the home or office space.

Banana fiber is used to manufacture the abaca cloth. Banana fiber is a very strong material and can also be used as ropes and strings. It is free of chemicals and harmful pesticides. Installation is easy and painless, and does not require the use of any special equipment.

Abaca cloth is unique in its color, appearance and texture. You can use this beautiful cloth for wrapping gifts, table skirting and wedding decorations. You can also decorate your bouquets and flower vases with the application of this cloth and give a tropical ambience to your living room.

You can easily fold, tie, twist or roll this cloth according to your project requirements. Abaca cloth is a very long lasting and durable product you can rely on.

Abaca Cloth Matting can accompany your projects in a roll 2’ x 33’ size.

What’s better than a product that will last your family for years with minimal upkeep? A product that’s commercial grade quality offered with free shipping.

*Please note: Colors may vary and sizes are appoximate.
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