Derived from a plant in the Banana Plant family, Bac Bac is actually part of the skin, or outer most layer of the trunk of the tree. These sheets are hand woven by alternating the front and back side of the banana bark to form a 1" diamond checkered pattern which creates a rich contrast of dark and light brown colors.

Typically used for interior decorative wall or ceiling coverings, this versatile product can also be used in tables and countertops set in clear epoxy resin.

Bac Bac Matting

Bac Bac Matting

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Bac Bac Matting

Bac Bac matting (also referred to as cabana matting) is a matting with a rustic style. This is perfect for those traditional country style designs in your home. The decorative material is hand woven from the finest banana tree bark strips in colors of brown, tan, and cream. Because of the colors, the matting gives off an organic style appearance great for lining tiki bars, tables, and valances.

You can apply this matting to any solid surface and even use it as a cover for your kitchen table. It can be cut to any size that fits your specific projects. As it is a natural fiber, each piece is unique in terms of color, texture and appearance. BacBac matting can give your home that elegant island look you’ve been searching for.

Another interesting and desirable feature of BacBac matting is its recyclable quality and easy installation process. It can be applied to any surface just by using glue or staples. This product is very flexible and versatile and can be folded easily to fit your particular design dreams. If you do want something with a more customized fit, you can just use scissors to cut it to the desired size you need.

For outdoor use, BacBac matting can be very long lasting and weather resistant by simply applying a sealer or varnish finish to prevent damage.

Another benefit to BacBac matting is that it is very environmentally friendly because it gets harvested and manufactured using a chemical-free and pesticide-free process, which helps to minimize deforestation and pollution. It is a great option to choose compared to traditional wood building materials and décor.

Bac Bac Matting can accompany your projects in a roll 4’ x 8’ size.

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*Please note: Colors may vary and sizes are appoximate.
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