Lauhala, which in Hawaiian means simply "leaf of the hala tree", has its roots in antiquity. Little has changed over the years in the making of Lauhala save the tools. The technique itself has been passed down from generation to generation, mother to daughter, since tribal times. Lauhala leaves are a rapidly renewed resource, indeed the Pandanus trees from which they are derived grow throughout the Hawaiian Islands.The artistry of the braiding, or "plaits" and the durability of the material lends itself equally well to bringing a tropical beauty to door or wall, and is rugged enough to enliven outside bars and pavilions without concern for weather.

Fine Weave Lauhala Matting

Fine Weave Lauhala Matting

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Fine Weave Matting

Fine Weave Matting is hand woven from high quality hala leaves in a ½ inch checkered pattern. It can be used to line a variety of surfaces such as bed frames, ceiling spaces, kids play equipment, tiki bars, kitchen cabinets, and more. The fine weave matting features a light brown / tan color that welcomes your guests into paradise.

Fine weave matting is intricately woven manually, is eco-friendly and looks spectacular in any indoor or outdoor setting. This product can enhance the ambience of your home and adds an organic, yet decorative touch as it is an all-natural product made from hala leaves native to the Hawaiian Islands.

Some more popular uses for this tropical type of matting are: as a floor runner in your hallway or patio, using it as a bedroom headboard, BBQ island or patio facing, wrapping poles or gazebo siding and wall coverings.

You can use your imagination and your own personal touch when using this fine weave matting around your home and garden. This type of matting can be easily installed using simple household items such as, glue, staples and nails. It is quite flexible in nature and can be cut to suit the exact shape and size that you need for your desired project.

These mats are smooth and can look quite beautiful when applied on any surface. Fine weave matting can also be harvested from pandan leaves (from Asia) as well as hala leaves, which gives each one unique patterns and colors. No two are ever the same!

Fine Weave Matting can accompany your projects in a roll 4’ x 8’ size.

With our commercial grade quality, free shipping, and variety of styles and sizes, there are a number of ways to create a tropical oasis in your home and backyard spaces.

*Please note: Colors may vary and sizes are appoximate.
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