Lampac Mat is made from blades of cocoa brown grass loosely woven together into a multi-toned, burlap-like sheet. Its uniform light beige color gives subtle texture to walls and ceilings.

With ease of application, the mating can be, either stapled or glued to any surface and used for both interior and exterior applications and treated with clear polyurethane or varnish for added sheen and durability.

Lampac Matting

Lampac Matting

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Lampac Matting

Lampac Matting is constructed from 100% natural reed grass that has been precisely woven and sold by the roll. The two most common uses for Lampac matting is wall surfaces and flooring due to its material that’s less sturdy than the abaca cloth matting. Lampac matting is extremely flexible and can easily be cut to any size to fit perfectly in your DIY projects. It features colors of light tan and brown.

The warm tan and brown colors compliment any contemporary setting for your indoor or outdoor space projects. Each matting section is unique in its color, texture and appearance as it is constructed from a natural state.

You can easily use this product for flooring, ceilings, walls and furniture as well as many other places as the application of lampac matting is easy, effortless and requires hardly any tools. Using it as a floor covering is a popular choice as it has a very comfortable spongy texture under the foot.
If your plan is to use it in your outdoor home and garden space décor, the lampac matting will require a treatment of protective sealant to maintain its durability so it can withstand rain, mold and harsh outdoor temperatures.

Because it is made from a chemical and pesticide free product, this makes it a very environmentally responsible option to choose when compared to traditional wood materials. These mats are sourced, manufactured, harvested and treated with sustainable harvesting practices in mind.

Lampac matting has become a popular choice amongst wedding planners, as it is ideal for a beach, tropical or Asian inspired themed wedding.

Lampac Matting can accompany your projects in a roll 3’ x 26’ size.

Lampac Matting is built into a breathable design for maximum airflow to prevent mold and other wear. Take advantage of this today and receive shipping 100% free.

*Please note: Colors may vary and sizes are appoximate.
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