About US

Sunset Bamboo is the only US-based bamboo and thatch provider who works exclusively with organic raw materials. Our commitment to being completely green begins with the way the materials are collected to respect the integrity of the plant and contribute to rapid and rigorous renewal of both, bamboo, thatch and coconuts. We are judicious in our removal of only the quality shoots and leaves, leaving the remainder of the plant intact to renew as it provides a stable habitat for wildlife. Our corporate responsibility extends to the communities and people who contribute to the products we make. Every effort is made to help alleviate poverty in the communities we work, and contribute to the sustainable development of rural economies. We ensure that a higher return is given to the people who cut the palm leaves and those in the smaller villages that weave our final product. The eco-palm producers who support us in Mexico follow guidelines similar to those for certified chocolate and coffee and support our efforts to protect the environment and native cultures.

One of the largest importers of bamboo and thatch material in the US, Sunset Bamboo has the products you need to boost the island style living for your home, business or event. Sunset Bamboo is not only the premiere provider of the widest range of bamboo products, our proprietary Assure5PRO™ is the only quality control program available from any domestic bamboo provider in the US. This unique process ensures that our growers adhere to the highest standards selecting raw materials and that the manufacturers who support us use our methodology for quality. This is your assurance of a product that is beautiful, well made, and able to provide years of pleasure.