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We are the leading supplier of elegant and eco-friendly products.

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  • Palm Island Thatch

    Made from the highest quality thatch.

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  • Tahitian Palm Thatch

    Transform your outdoor space into an oasis.

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  • Artificial Thatch

    Synthetic thatch is a cost affective alternative.

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  • African Reed Thatch

    Perfect for roofing. 100% Cape same color throughout.

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We are the leading supplier of elegant and eco-friendly products.

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  • Tiki Huts & Palapa Kits

    Fine kits and huts for your backyard oasis.

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  • Bamboo Umbrellas

    These bamboo umbrellas will keep you in the shade.

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  • Palapa Umbrellas

    Stand out with this beautiful Palapa Umbrella.

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We are the leading supplier of elegant and eco-friendly products.

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  • Natural Bamboo Poles

    A blend of beautiful tans, beige and yellow. View lengths & Diameters here.

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  • Carbonized Bamboo Poles

    Rich color for deep accents. View lengths & Diameters here.

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  • Black Bamboo Poles

    Black Bamboo Poles

    These Black Bamboo Poles are perfect for any design.

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  • Speckled Poles

    Speckled Bamboo Poles

    Poles are cut in half. Add these beautiful poles to your design.

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  • Split Bamboo Poles

    Poles are cut in half. Add these beautiful poles to your design.

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  • Bamboo Slats

    Bamboo Slats

    Made from the highest quality bamboo.

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We are the leading supplier of elegant and eco-friendly products.

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  • Natural Fencing

    Warm colors beige and tan.

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  • Mahogany

    Stained bamboo in rich mahogany.

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  • Natural Black

    Rich hues of ebony, brown and tan.

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  • Natural Burnt

    Brunt at the nodes. Gorgeous for any use.

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  • Carbonized

    Makes a great addition to any desgin.

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Bamboo Panels & Tropical Matting

We are the leading supplier of elegant and eco-friendly products.

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  • Bamboo Paneling

    Excellent accent for offices, home and more. Many colors to choose from.

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  • Tropical Matting

    Made of Banana Bark, Hala and Palm Leaves. Is durable and eco-friendly.

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  • Bamboo Veneer Boards

    Excellent addition to any design

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  • Ropes and Braids

    Harvested from carefully selected material derived from palm leaves, banana barks and other leaves and is offered as Sennit Rope, Bac Bac, Rumba and Sea braids..

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We are the leading supplier of elegant and eco-friendly products.

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  • Bamboo Borders

    This bamboo edging looks awesome in any yard.

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About Sunset Bamboo

Sunset Bamboo is the only US-based bamboo and thatch provider who works exclusively with organic raw materials. Our commitment to being completely green begins with the way the materials are collected to respect the integrity of the plant and contribute to rapid and rigorous renewal of both, bamboo, thatch and coconuts. We are judicious in our removal of only the quality shoots and leaves, leaving the remainder of the plant intact to renew as it provides a stable habitat for wildlife. Our corporate responsibility extends to the communities and people who contribute to the products we make. Every effort is made to help alleviate poverty in the communities we work, and contribute to the sustainable development of rural economies. We ensure that a higher return is given to the people who cut the palm leaves and those in the smaller villages that weave our final product. The eco-palm producers who support us in Mexico follow guidelines similar to those for certified chocolate and coffee and support our efforts to protect the environment and native cultures.

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We offer fast & free nationwide shipping on all orders within the continental US, and our products are completely commercial grade. We offer wholesale prices and bulk order discounts for the lowest prices on the best bamboo products on the market!

We have many bamboo options to choose from and provide you with service you’ll remember. No one does bamboo like Sunset Bamboo. Try us out today!


You may have wondered by now why bamboo products have become so popular over the last 10 years and why bamboo is one of the most widely used resources for constructing, building, and renovating our homes and gardens. Let’s look into why this popular super plant can be considered an environment saver.

Bamboo is one of the tallest grasses in the world and grows at an astonishingly rapid rate. In just 3-5 years, stalks can attain their full height of 98 feet (in some cases). Another benefit comes when harvesting this plant as their roots do not need to be replanted or cut and the plant will continue to grow naturally, without the need for replanting.

Because of their hardiness, fast growth and increasing popularity in North America, global demand for this resource has skyrocketed. It’s environmentally friendly and incredibly green. Bamboo's versatility and strength make it perfect for using as construction, home decor and eco-friendly building materials.

The most common uses of bamboo in buildings in North America is typically limited to flooring but new structural uses for bamboo are being discovered every day. When it comes time to consider materials for building and construction, bamboo should be at the top of your list.

Some of the most popular construction materials and bamboo products that you may have seen before include, bamboo fences, bamboo poles, bamboo slats, bamboo panels, bamboo borders, bamboo matting, bamboo dividers and bamboo screens.

If you’re not convinced already about why you should choose bamboo, let’s look into why bamboo is so much better to use than ordinary wood and the many advantages of using bamboo as a construction material.


Bamboo is much different than ordinary wood because of its functionality and versatility. Bamboo is extremely flexible, it’s water resistant and it’s actually considered to be stronger than steel and is able to withstand compression better than concrete.

Its untreated natural state is quite hardy compared to wood materials and being that it’s water resistant, it is naturally able to combat mold, and mildew which are common problems for ordinary wood materials.

Bamboo is also lightweight, which makes the transportation of construction materials quicker, more cost efficient and easier than the transportation of heavier wood building materials.


Our natural resources are depleting in a way that might not be sustainable in the near future; this is a scary thought for many. The emergence of the use of bamboo has consumers gaining a new perspective on this super plant. Many would say substituting wood for bamboo products can save the planet.

Here are a few reasons why bamboo is better for the environment.

Bamboo is eco-friendly. It is a renewable resource and can be grown and harvested extremely quickly in a variety of conditions with little waste, gases and chemicals. Common hardwoods take several years (at least 35) to mature before it’s time to harvest them. Choosing to harvest bamboo rather than wood will reduce our deforestation and pollution figures drastically.

Bamboo as a wood replacement. Because of its extreme adaptability, durability, affordability and strength, it can adequately replace the application of wood in many building materials like flooring, fencing, furniture and other construction materials around the home and garden.


Bamboo is an incredible resource to use as a construction material because of its strength and durability. It’s extremely lightweight compared to wood, it’s water resistant and it’s very flexible. Tests have also shown that even termites refuse to eat bamboo which is also another amazing benefit to choosing it over wood as a construction material.

Bamboo is Strong and Incredibly Durable

Bamboo's natural properties allow it to bend instead of break which make it a great resource to use in home building environments. Studies have proven that bamboo even has the added benefits of being stronger than wood in the case of hurricane and earthquake impact on homes and buildings, making it one of the greatest building materials on the market today.

Bamboo is Less Expensive Than Wood

Because it’s so easily harvested and grown, it makes bamboo one of our most cost effective construction materials and resources available on the market today. This is why it is also perfect for any indoor or outdoor décor. Our products come preassembled or as kits for the ultimate DIY project.


Bamboo Fencing – Bamboo fences are made of bamboo canes and harvested in a sustainable manner at the age of 3-5 years. The canes are cleaned, straightened and positioned to create private fences with beautiful and natural looking finishes. These are great to have for a little backyard privacy or contouring your garden for aesthetic appeal. Bamboo fencing has so many uses, and we offer only the best. When you need bamboo fencing that is durable, long-lasting, and simply beautiful – we have you covered!

Bamboo Poles – Bamboo pole, stakes and canes are very strong and lightweight. There are many functional and decorative uses for bamboo poles. Place them anywhere, indoor or outdoor to make your space your favorite space. You can put them in vases or plant pots or even make a decorative art piece out of them. Buy one or buy a dozen, the options for uses are endless. A strong and sturdy material, bamboo poles offer your living area appeal and comfort that never ends. Imagine that feel of a tropical paradise right at home. Order now to receive the highest quality bamboo poles on the market!

Bamboo Slats – Bamboo slats can be used as wainscoting, wall coverings and other types of home decor. You can purchase them in different lengths or widths and make them ideal for whatever project you’re looking to complete. With bamboo slats, you can replace flooring, fencing, cover walls and more. The ultimate in tropical luxury décor is right at your fingertips. Order today and find out why so many people are switching to Sunset Bamboo, and turn your backyard into your very own tropical paradise. Why wait?

Bamboo Panels – Another great way to make your space look more modern and natural at the same time is to use bamboo panels. These can be used for a variety of aesthetics, deriving a totally unique look and a range of decorative options. Some popular uses of bamboo panels would be for kitchen top counters, cabinets and table tops – but it doesn’t stop there! Order your bamboo panels today, and we’ll give you a range of ideas and options for your bamboo panels. You are going to love your purchase. These panels can transform any area, personal space, or the look and feel of your entire home! Ready to get started?

Bamboo Borders – Bamboo borders can be used for dividers, screens, privacy and other indoor and outdoor uses. They are very versatile and cost effective. Some other uses for bamboo borders can be around your garden outdoor or indoor to accent plant pottery, walls and art pieces. With so many options, it’s not hard to see why bamboo borders are such a hot commodity when it comes to redecorating your home and garden. Versatile and beautiful – turn your property into a Caribbean hideaway or your backyard into your very own tropical resort! Order now!

Tiki Thatch – Tiki thatch is perfect for your own personal tropical hideaway. Original Palm Island Thatch, Tahitian Thatch, and synthetic African Reed Thatch are your best options for the highest quality tiki bar roofing and accents, thatch umbrellas, and thatch wall coverings. As a part of our Caribbean collection, our Original Palm Island Thatch can make any space beautiful, stand out, and capture the feel and look of the Caribbean. It is certified commercial grade – the only in the U.S. Our Tahitian Thatch offers up fantastic insulation and protection, all while providing your area a truly tropical feel. Our synthetic African Reed Thatch is constructed to look and feel just like the real thing. However, real African Reed Thatch is highly flammable, making it unsuitable for extremely hot weather, barbecues, and is generally considered to be unsafe. Our synthetic brand is constructed with a Class A fire retardant.  Let’s turn your backyard into your very own tropical beach and know what it’s like to go on a vacation every time you step into your own backyard! You’re only 1 click away!

Additional Information

These products have been used by a myriad of theme parks such as Disneyland, zoos, and a great many water parks nationwide to bring that feel a vacation should have. Bamboo is also a staple of notable fine restaurants, hotels, and resorts all over the world because of its beauty and elegance. In addition, these products have also been purchased and used around the world by movie production companies, and it doesn’t stop there.

Don’t let them have all the fun! Order the bamboo products you need to turn your backyard, home, or garden into the beautiful tropical getaway you’ve always dreamed about. It’s easy with our DIY instructions, style guides, and state-of-the-art, commercial-grade bamboo products. Don’t wait another minute; get started now!

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