You may have wondered by now why bamboo products have become so popular over the last 10 years and why bamboo is one of the most widely used resources for constructing, building, and renovating our homes and gardens. Let’s look into why this popular super plant can be considered an environment saver.

Bamboo is one of the tallest grasses in the world and grows at an astonishingly rapid rate. In just 3-5 years, stalks can attain their full height of 98 feet (in some cases). Another benefit comes when harvesting this plant as their roots do not need to be replanted or cut and the plant will continue to grow naturally, without the need for replanting.

Because of their hardiness, fast growth and increasing popularity in North America, global demand for this resource has skyrocketed. It’s environmentally friendly and incredibly green. Bamboo's versatility and strength make it perfect for using as construction, home decor and eco-friendly building materials.

The most common uses of bamboo in buildings in North America is typically limited to flooring but new structural uses for bamboo are being discovered every day. When it comes time to consider materials for building and construction, bamboo should be at the top of your list.

Some of the most popular construction materials and bamboo products that you may have seen before include, bamboo fences, bamboo poles, bamboo slats, bamboo panels, bamboo borders, bamboo matting, bamboo dividers and bamboo screens.

If you’re not convinced already about why you should choose bamboo, let’s look into why bamboo is so much better to use than ordinary wood and the many advantages of using bamboo as a construction material.


Bamboo is much different than ordinary wood because of its functionality and versatility. Bamboo is extremely flexible, it’s water resistant and it’s actually considered to be stronger than steel and is able to withstand compression better than concrete.

Its untreated natural state is quite hardy compared to wood materials and being that it’s water resistant, it is naturally able to combat mold, and mildew which are common problems for ordinary wood materials.

Bamboo is also lightweight, which makes the transportation of construction materials quicker, more cost efficient and easier than the transportation of heavier wood building materials.


Our natural resources are depleting in a way that might not be sustainable in the near future; this is a scary thought for many. The emergence of the use of bamboo has consumers gaining a new perspective on this super plant. Many would say substituting wood for bamboo products can save the planet.

Here are a few reasons why bamboo is better for the environment.

Bamboo is eco-friendly. It is a renewable resource and can be grown and harvested extremely quickly in a variety of conditions with little waste, gases and chemicals. Common hardwoods take several years (at least 35) to mature before it’s time to harvest them. Choosing to harvest bamboo rather than wood will reduce our deforestation and pollution figures drastically.

Bamboo as a wood replacement. Because of its extreme adaptability, durability, affordability and strength, it can adequately replace the application of wood in many building materials like flooring, fencing, furniture and other construction materials around the home and garden.


Bamboo is an incredible resource to use as a construction material because of its strength and durability. It’s extremely lightweight compared to wood, it’s water resistant and it’s very flexible. Tests have also shown that even termites refuse to eat bamboo which is also another amazing benefit to choosing it over wood as a construction material.

Bamboo is Strong and Incredibly Durable

Bamboo's natural properties allow it to bend instead of break which make it a great resource to use in home building environments. Studies have proven that bamboo even has the added benefits of being stronger than wood in the case of hurricane and earthquake impact on homes and buildings, making it one of the greatest building materials on the market today.

Bamboo is Less Expensive Than Wood

Because it’s so easily harvested and grown, it makes bamboo one of our most cost effective construction materials and resources available on the market today. This is why it is also perfect for any indoor or outdoor décor. Our products come preassembled or as kits for the ultimate DIY project.