Coconut Tile Results

Use this tool to estimate how many coconut tiles you'll need to cover your floor or walls. Round up to the nearest foot, and enter the dimensions of a regularly shaped area only. If your room is irregular (for example, if it's L-shaped), use this calculator separately for regular sections, then add the ` together. If you're planning to tile more than one surface, say a floor and a wall, use this calculator separately for each area to be tiled.

Here's how many coconut tiles you'll need to cover the area calculated. Remember that this is just an estimate; you may need more, depending on your specific layout. We've figured in a 10 percent cushion for waste, but you'll need more if you have a lot of corners to tile around (every cut piece involves some waste). You'll need more if you're laying tiles doors, windows or electric outlets. To be sure you're ordering enough, draw a diagram of your layout.


Total area in square feet:

Number of 12-inch tiles required:

Number of 17-inch tiles required:

Keep in mind the tiles sell 6 per carton, which will also affect how much you need to buy. If each carton contains 6 tiles and you need 62, you'll need eleven cartons. If you need 67, you'll need 12 cartons. Don't despair - it's always a good idea to have extra tiles left over for future repairs.