Bamboo Fencing On Brick, Block or Concrete Overlay Installation Instructions

Bamboo Fencing On Brick, Block or Concrete Overlay Installation Instructions

Installing bamboo fencing in your yard not only livens up your home, it creates a more relaxing, laid back atmosphere; it adds value to your property. Bamboo fencing from Sunset BambooTM can also be used indoors in a variety of ways. For instance, use this fencing to create a barrier within a room as a sort of sectional. Or cut a piece and hang it in the window to act as a natural and textured curtain. Use it as a decorative piece and place the fencing behind a piece of art or posted up on a ceiling. Besides looking great, it’s one of the most eco-friendly building materials in the world. This is because, unlike hardwood forest logging, harvesting of bamboo causes little environmental damage. Bamboo is the fastest growing kind of grass in the world and a rapidly renewable natural resource.



Tools Recommended and Supplies Needed

Installing on Existing Concrete, Block, Brick or Stucco Wall

Before beginning read all instructions carefully.
• Start by scraping off any extra concrete bits in the area that you’ll be placing your 2’ x 4

• Adjust the height of the 2 x 4 for the proper fencing size. Use a level and make 2 lines on the wall for the placement of the 2x4's. One
line should be near the bottom, the other should be near the top.

•Pre-drill holes in the 2x4, approximately 3 feet apart. Hold the 2x4 along the lines you made in step 2, and make a mark on the wall
where you pre-drilled the 2x4 holes.

•Pre-drill holes at the mark you made in step 4. Use a concrete drill bit and make the hole 1⁄4" deep. Hold the 2x4 in place, insert the
concrete screw into the 2x4 holes and drive the screw in with your drill.

•Once the 2x4's are firmly attached to the concrete wall, attach a bamboo fence to the 2x4's. See instructions for existing wood fence.
Fasten four screws in each 2x4 and when you are finished, go back to step 5 on the wood fence instructions and follow all the way
through. All done!

• Unroll your bamboo along the existing wood fence every 24” with the capped side up, and level. Use the concrete screws to drill your
bamboo to the concrete structure. Note: Don’t over tighten the screw; this will cause the bamboo to crack. Now, continue to fasten the
bamboo near the top and bottom while keeping the bamboo level. By alternating the screws near the top and bottom every foot will
insure a structurally-sound bamboo fence.

Tip: To maintain the longevity and the beautiful look of your new bamboo fence, Sunset Bamboo recommends a sealer (urethane finish).
Not only will your new bamboo fence look great, it’ll maintain the color and strength for many years to come.

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