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Bamboo & Thatch Fire FAQs


Thatch Fire FAQs

Our fire retardant product is an effective product with the propensity to substantially retard fire or flames on coated substrates such as thatch, bamboo.

  • Has very good waterproofing, weatherproofing and protecting properties.
  • Is UV stable, thus has a prolonged outdoor life expectancy.
  • Is opaque milky fluid with low viscosity, and will dry to a clear non-shiny finish.
  • Emits no fumes.
  • Is activated to resist fungus, mildew and algae, giving it advanced longevity and improved health properties.
  • Has insecticidal properties making it unattractive to destructive insects.

Fire Retardant - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

  • Documents provided to us by American Fire Coatings, Inc. state; chemical X-238 was tested by DTS laboratories, the results being, that it would survive over 2 years of actual exterior weathering and still have excellent fire resistance at least 96% of the time.

  • No. Different materials require different products.

  • Application of Fire Retardant chemicals must be applied by a Fire Retardant Applicator authorized by the State Fire for commercial use that will provide a certificate of application when completed. If in doubt, check the link to see if the company is registered with the Fire Marshall to provide a legal and binding certificate.
    Fire.Gov Certified Applicator List

  • Specific uses include, exterior and interior applications such as these: open and closed cell foams, foam rubber, nylon netting, thatching, bamboo, hay, straw, synthetic fabrics, furniture, hardwoods, decorative wood, plastics, and many other difficult-to-penetrate materials.

  • Island Thatch, Inc. is a registered applicator of fire retardant with the state of California No.: GA-1400.01
    Chemicals Used To treat thatch:
    American Fire Coatings, Inc.

    Firextra 238- California registration No. - C-163.01
    Firextra 1000 - California registration No. - C-10700

    Island Thatch, Inc. DBA: Sunset Bamboo warrants that we have applied the registered fire retardants according to the fire retardant manufacturer’s instructions. No liability will be assumed or claims honored other than that the product was applied properly as directed by fire retardant manufacturer. Any claim will be limited to the purchased price of the fire retardant application only.

    Sunset Bamboo reserves the right to contract out the application of fire retardant to other registered applicators as deemed necessary.