How to Make a Bamboo Room Divider

Contemporary design meets natural elements in this piece of “how to build a bamboo room divider”. There are so many innovative ways to make a room divider with bamboo poles. Transform any room by creating a relaxing atmosphere, adding elegance, and an exotic touch to your room. The type of divider you choose to build, depends on the primary purpose. For instance, it may be to create some privacy for reading, dividing a room into two intimate spaces, or setting up a home office.



Tools and Material Needed


• 2-4 inch diameter bamboo poles
• Rectangular plastic planter boxes
• Quick-drying cement
• Scrap wood
• Double-sided carpet tape
• Blue painter's tape (2 inches wide)
• Decorative river rocks or stones
• Black spray paint

Determine how far apart you would like to space the bamboo poles and how you will lay them out. There are many ways to design the spacing. Now, determine the amount of poles needed. Of course, this will depend on the size of the bamboo poles and the overall dimensions of the base. Spray paint the plastic rectangular planter with black spray paint. Let dry.
Using pieces of scrap wood, place two pieces at right angles, placing the vertical piece at the edge of a plastic rectangular planter and measuring the horizontal piece so that the bamboo poles are centered in the planter. Cut the horizontal wood piece to the appropriate measurement. Make two of these wood braces the width of the planter.
Cover the horizontal top piece of wood with double-sided carpet tape.
Place painter's blue tape on the wall to protect the wall paint. Place a piece of carpet tape on the back of the wood brace and adhere the brace to the painter's tape. Stick one brace near the top of the bamboo poles and one near the top of the planter box.
Place the bamboo poles in the bottom of the planter, evenly spaced across the width of the planter. Press the bamboo poles against the carpet tape on the wood braces to hold the poles upright until they are set in the cement.
Mix quick-drying cement according to the manufacturer's directions and pour it into the planter, smoothing it around the bamboo poles. Let the cement dry and harden.
Place decorative river rocks or stones on top of the cement around the bamboo poles. If desired, stain or paint the bamboo poles. Make several of the bamboo dividers and move them into position for privacy.