Weddings are very special events that every woman looks forward to. It's everyone's dream to be able to experience the most unforgettable moment of a lifetime in a perfect wedding. An outdoor wedding is not complete without an attractive arbor for the bride and groom to kiss beneath. For some it's all about the church wedding, but others prefer something outside. The wedding arch is customary for outdoor weddings as it substitutes the altar of a church. A bamboo arch can be a great addition to continue the naturalistic approach and feel of an outdoor wedding. Today, we are going to introduce you to a very special addition to add to your wedding. This bamboo wedding arch provides a simple and elegant setting for your special day and for everyday use for years to come.

Tools Recommended and Supplies Needed


Step 1

Purchase bamboo poles. You'll need at least eight pieces but ten to twelve is better for a double post any error adjustments, and each stick should be at least eight feet tall. Unless you are planning to sink the poles in sand or grass, 10' long poles are needed so that about 2' of the pole can be buried. The remaining 8' is high enough for the wedding party to stand under while still having plenty of height left over to drape fabric over the top, as shown in the picture above.

Step 2
Lay two of the main poles with one overhead beam (see drawing) on top of the main
post and screw in 2 1⁄2 “ wood screws in your pre-drilled pole. Repeat step 2 for the
other side.

Step 3
Repeat the process for the other side. Instruct a friend to hold one of the post and
beam. Screw the 2 1/2” wood screw to the third beam into the main post. Finally,
connect the other beam and wrap rope around the post and beam. This rope not
only serves as a decorative wrap, adds addition.

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